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If everything came down to technical aspects only, there would not be good and better market players in the manufacturing industry. It is not enough to ensure that costs are low enough. Becoming and remaining the leader requires constant research and implementation of new solutions.

We have already proven to many industrial companies that PMR is able to successfully explore this demanding market. We know how to draw the right conclusions from the collected data and suggest actions bringing real benefits.

Manufacturing: market segments and our clients

We have worked for the world’s largest industrial manufacturers. We are not afraid of large mining machines, power generators, petrochemical, mining and construction industries. We are also proficient in the world of small devices in the field of automation, which usually go unnoticed in the everyday life.

PMR has vast knowledge of the industry and its segments. We have been conducting research, analysis, and consulting projects for years. We know how even the smallest detail can turn into substantial profits for our client.

Offering: a range of services for the manufacturing industry

We offer a wide range of services and comprehensive business solutions to industrial manufacturing, contracting and distribution companies:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Assessment of the market size and growth prospects
  • Customer, decision-maker and user surveys
  • Marketing, product, and pricing surveys
  • Streamlining of distribution channels
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market entry projects – organically, as well as through mergers, acquisitions or gaining a strategic partner in the region.

Projects: our accomplishments 

Here are examples of the projects we have conducted in the manufacturing sector:

  • For a manufacturer of industrial gas cylinders, we estimated the market potential for new products and identified the most attractive consumer segments.
  • For the granite market, we carried out a detailed market analysis and estimated the growth forecasts for this segment in the coming years.
  • For a manufacturer of hygiene paper and industrial cleaning products, we conducted a series of brand awareness studies among businesses and public institutions.
  • In the energy industry, we estimated development potential of an innovative service in the area of energy efficiency.
  • For a manufacturer of industrial machinery, we mapped available sources of supply in the CEE region, identified optimal solutions and developed a negotiation strategy.
  • For a leader in the enterprise software industry, we performed an online survey of user needs and preferences.
  • For a global manufacturer of engine oils, after a series of research and analyses, we helped to choose the best name for a new service.


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