PMR data help key players in the Construction market to develop, implement and monitor effective market strategies tailored to their specific business needs.

For over 20 years, PMR has delivered comprehensive studies of the construction, real estate and building materials markets in Poland, the CEE and CIS countries. We provide our clients with the results of our sector analyses in the form of cyclical industry reports, dedicated reports, which are elaboration of standard publications, as well as newsletters, datasets and statistics.

Our consulting services facilitate strategic decision-making and the recommended solutions lead to improved profitability, better sales results and growth for our clients’ business. PMR’s experience is based on regular market research and analysis as well as numerous successful business process optimisation projects. We advise our clients on how to prepare for new challenges related to globalisation, digitisation and changing consumer behaviour, and help them to set the right direction for their business. We can tailor our consulting services to the requirements of each market and client.

For each market, we present a full-scale analysis of values and growth rates, both historical data and short-term (1-2 years) and long-term forecasts (5 years). Forecasting models are developed by a team of PMR econometricians in collaboration with industry analysts with excellent knowledge of the characteristics and realities of a particular market.

The analytical models are broken down by market segment, as well as by end-user spending. In terms of demand, PMR’s proprietary, cyclical surveys, primarily conducted in enterprises (B2B) but also in households (B2C), are a key component of our reports and analyses. They show, among other things, the varying penetration, budgets and usage of particular solutions by companies of different sizes and operating in different sectors of the economy. It is an indicator of the attractiveness of industries.

We also pay special attention to the analysis of the supply side, i.e. suppliers, which we map both in terms of revenues and financial data, as well as key operational KPIs, market offer, types of customers, major events and planned investments. Often, the data we obtain are the result of direct interviews and meetings with market participants. One of PMR’s greatest strengths is its long-standing relationship with market players and the participation in expert projects, which helps us to obtain unique information.

PMR reports and analyses are used to support, for instance:

  • new product launches,
  • expansion of existing products into new markets
  • investments, mergers and acquisitions,
  • sales and business development planning.

They are also an indispensable element of projects implemented under EU funding or by financial investors. The purpose of the reports is to assess market attractiveness and growth forecasts, and to develop an optimal way of operating in a given market. A valuable source of knowledge is also the portfolio and profiles of players active in a particular segment. In this case, the report is a perfect tool for our clients and their advisors, reducing time and allowing them to compile a shortlist of potential partners who will be invited to submit an offer and further negotiations.

PMR is a reliable business partner and provider of valuable market insights and analyses with a portfolio of more than 5,000 successfully completed projects. We count among our clients many Fortune 500 companies and other global players. Our analysts, researchers and consultants have proved to be of great assistance in business decision-making processes aimed at securing a strong market position, identifying competitive advantage, and increasing return on investment.

The markets we analyse continue to grow and attract many major players, among others, contractors, developers, manufacturers and financial institutions. We look forward to doing business with you!


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