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The dynamically changing business environment, rapid development, extensive industry structure and investor interest are of great importance in the agri-food industry. We know how to navigate through this maze of information and objectively analyse the market situation, and then to make practical and effective recommendations. As a result, we provide our clients with long-term benefits and improve their market position.

We know the agri-food market well

PMR has cooperated with key global, European and local players in the agri-food market. We have advised companies in food industries, such as sugar, grain, milk, meat, vegetables and fruit manufacture. We have also supported manufacturers of agricultural machinery, developers of herd management software and producers of fertilizers and plant protection products. PMR is active in the consumer goods and retail sectors, as well as in transport and logistics. We are familiar with the journey of each product in great detail, from field to plate..

We study the market, analyse data and design strategies

Here are examples of research and consulting projects we conduct in the agri-food market:

  • We prepare industry analyses. We conduct 360-degree audits for markets, products and services.
  • We measure market potential. We study the impact of various factors on the growth rates of individual sectors, in the short and long term.
  • We help companies enter new markets but also launch a new product or service. We support manufacturers and distributors.
  • We study the competitive position of companies. We design strategies and action plans to improve economic performance and market share.
  • We test concepts, products and marketing communications: prices, packaging, advertising, and other factors.
  • We study customer behaviour and attitudes. We conduct surveys among individual and business customers, including farmers.
  • We prepare market segmentations and help define the target group and effective ways to reach customers.
  • We prepare route-to-market analyses. Based on reliable data, we suggest sales and marketing strategies.
  • We analyse distribution channels. We indicate optimal solutions, taking into account the sales potential of particular channels.


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