We offer a specialist panel for the medical and pharmaceutical industry which will proffer more than 4,000 participants.

Our fieldwork research is conducted by physicians, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The collected data is delivered to the principals or healthcare agencies for whom we are working.



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  • we will promptly answer your questions about the feasibility of the requested research and local markets
  • we will promptly provide you with a quotation
  • we will promptly recommend the best method of research
  • we will promptly clarify any issues with questionnaires

We understand that customers expect seamless communication.



Use our Medical Panel to recruit, without delay, specified medical professionals for online, telephone and in-person interviews.

  • we can recruit hard-to-reach respondents including patients with a specific medical history, users of specific medical equipment and participants of specific previous studies
  • we can recruit many interviewees at very short notice - in some cases within the first 24 hours


Find out about our strict quality control measures

  • we monitor ongoing questionnaires live and provide information about the anticipated time of completion
  • we frequently check data for any irregularities
  • we guarantee the required level of local language skills of any interpreters involved
  • when needed, we listen to ongoing interviews
  • when needed, we evaluate research results in the light of previous samples


A substantial proportion of our projects are implemented in two or more countries.

Wzrost na rynku prywatnej opieki zdrowotnej
Polacy coraz częściej korzystają z prywatnych usług medycznych
PMR’s long-term customer, a globally recognised manufacturer and importer of medical devices, expressed interest in commissioning a survey of safety needles for insulin pens. Objective of project The client wanted to gain insight into experiences and expectations of Spanish nurses working with patients with various types of diabetes and using insulin needles made by different […]


Use specialists who carry out the research with their own team of experienced interviewers and focus on field studies

Our team provides high-quality information based on both quantitative (CATI, CAWI, PAPI) and qualitative (TDI, IDI, FGI) interviews. They ensure the reliability of all studies conducted.

We have access to other medical panels in all CEE countries through trusted partners who have proven their reliability over many years.

8 400+

interviews conducted in 2022



experienced interviewers and moderators
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