Pharma & Healthcare

The healthcare and pharmaceutical markets have always been full of challenges. We know how to navigate the confusing paths of regulations, restrictions and intense competition. We’re fully capable of researching any subject, product or service.

We carried out projects for medical services providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment and personal care products, pharmacy chains and distributors. As a result, we know the industry across the board, and we can study it and analyse it as a whole. We can also identify current and future challenges faced by our clients.

Healthcare market

Our research studies involved doctors, medical staff, patients, hospital directors, administrators of medical facilities and opinion leaders. We advise companies and institutions from the segment of health insurance and health care. We also support manufacturers of medical equipment and devices. We provide services to companies operating in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and ecology.

Pharma market

We work with manufacturers of non-prescription drugs (OTC), prescription drugs (Rx), new drugs under development, and dietary supplements. We provide them with data from research studies of patients, doctors, pharmacists and managers of medical institutions. We maintain relationships with leaders in the pharma industry to be up to date with their expert knowledge and opinions. Conclusions from our studies are complemented by practical recommendations and effective strategies.

Our own research panel

Our research panel is constantly growing. It includes over 5000 experienced doctors with different specialisations, working in both public and private healthcare facilities in Poland. Thanks to this invaluable asset, we’re able to significantly reduce the cost and duration of our projects.

Examples of research and advisory projects

  • We examine concepts, products and marketing communications, including communications addressed to different audiences (decision makers).
  • We identify the “path of the patient”, indicate moments of contact with the brand that are critical to the profitability of our clients, and offer the best possible improvements.
  • We analyse the decision-making processes typical of this market, for example: the choice of therapy or medication, introducing a product to the hospital formulary, refund granting.
  • We study the behaviours and attitudes of market participants: doctors, pharmacists, payers, patients and consumers – we discover their motivations and patterns of action.
  • We identify opinion leaders in the researched area, we reach out to them, and we learn what factors and trends have an impact on the market in any given moment.
  • We conduct market segmentation, help define the target audience and the most effective way of getting to it, so as to generate the greatest possible value, while taking into account key sales criteria.
  • We analyse the competitive position of our client and recommend what they should do to achieve better results than other market players in their segment.
  • We create comprehensive industry analyses of the market, product and service – this is a 360 audit, so we won’t miss a single thing.
  • We analyse the route to market and distribution channels, we also help in operational matters, such as finding a distributor.
  • We help manufacturers and service providers enter new markets.
  • We advise on strategic projects, conducting (among others) due diligence investigations of selected entities and markets.
  • We advise on projects concerning market consolidation and finding investors.

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