The ICT market (IT and telecoms) and new technologies are among the fastest growing sectors in the world. We keep our finger on the pulse, because we want to respond quickly to every change and every movement of the competition. We study and analyse these markets in order to better understand the end users – both individual and business customers. We advise on how to achieve success in such a rapidly changing business environment.

We’re proud to be working on bold, ambitious projects from the IT and telecommunications industry. Many of them included in its scope almost the entire European continent!

ICT market

IT market

Our offer is addressed to IT companies, IT service providers and manufacturers of consumer electronics, computer hardware and software.

The IT market enjoys great interest from investors. Our experience and know-how bring benefits to financial institutions, marketing agencies and investment funds.

Telecoms market

Telecommunications companies cannot do without regular market research and consumer testing. They can meet the changing demands of consumers only by closely monitoring those changes. Companies need to keep their development strategies, sales plans and marketing communications up to date. We know how to do that effectively!

Research and consulting for ICT

  • We study the behaviours and attitudes of consumers – discover what they are really doing and thinking, both in the business (B2B) and the consumer (B2C) segment.
  • We identify the needs and preferences of consumers, and on this basis indicate the directions of further development of products and services.
  • We conduct the segmentation of the ICT market, define target groups and recommend the most effective ways of reaching consumers.
  • We build sales and marketing strategies, advising companies on how to generate the greatest possible customer value.
  • We create strategies for entering the ICT market, and for companies that already operate in the market, we build strategies that increase market share.
  • We analyse the competitive position of companies – prepare action plans setting out precisely what more they can do to achieve better business results.
  • We prepare a comprehensive industry analysis of the ICT market, providing a detailed account of the entire market, selected segments, individual products or services.
  • We advise on strategic projects – we often carry out due diligence projects for selected entities and markets.
  • We advise on projects related to the consolidation of the IT and telecommunications market.
  • We support companies in the search for investors.

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