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Good knowledge of the market and the consumer is the basis of effective business strategies in FMCG and retail. Consumers, their preferences, behaviours and motivations can change quickly. Therefore, the role of an external advisor or observer who can objectively assess the situation is extremely important.

For over 20 years, we have examined more than 1000 leading FMCG and retail brands. We have helped many clients to launch completely new products and worked on increasing the value generated by existing customers. We have extensive experience, among others, in the agriculture and food industry, HoReCa, cosmetics, clothing, household chemicals and distribution market (including online trade).

After completing so many projects, we know what challenges retailers and distributors face. And we’re aware that the price factor, as important as it is, is just one of the factors that build long-term success.

Examples of projects in the FMCG and retail market

  • We test concepts and products. By working closely with the client at every stage of their development, to help them avoid market pitfalls.
  • We examine the brand from A to Z. We provide the necessary knowledge to build effective strategies for branding in the world of FMCG and retail. Our analyses includes review of various attributes of the brand – logo, packaging, image, and strength. We advise the customer on how best to build their brand’s strength and how to effectively use the budget for its development.
  • We test marketing communications – verify the performance of the adverts, examine what really affects consumers, and where the money is being wasted.
  • We study the behaviour and attitudes of consumers – we discover what really drives them and why.
  • We examine user experience, following each step of the consumer’s contact with the product, starting from their movements within physical or digital commercial spaces, to the purchase and use of the product, and ending with after-sales service.
  • We measure the satisfaction and loyalty of consumers and analyse the factors governing them, so that our client can consciously influence their levels.
  • We conduct market segmentation, help define the target group and design effective ways to reach it, as well as ways to generate the greatest possible value.
  • We analyse the competitive position of our client’s business, because being average doesn’t win you customers. We advise on what to do to be better than others!
  • We seek and find the optimal price levels of products and services.
  • We create comprehensive industry analyses of the market, product and service. This is a 360 audit, so we won’t miss a single thing.
  • We analyse the route to market and distribution channels. We also help in operational matters, such as finding a distributor in the FMCG market.
  • We help new producers and service providers in entering new markets.
  • We advise on strategic projects, often conducting due diligence of selected entities and markets.
  • We advise on projects concerning market consolidation and searching for investors.

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