It’s with full conviction that we can say that the construction market is our specialty. We know it through and through. We often see how our expert knowledge of the market makes a real difference for our clients in making the right decisions. Our  solutions and strategies are effective, and their results improve our clients’ competitive position.

Construction market is our specialty

We’ve worked for developers, manufacturers of building materials, manufacturers of raw materials, general contractors, distributors and DIY chains. We’re not afraid of any product – whether it’s cement, paving, woodwork, polystyrene, adhesives, paint, or sublime bathroom ceramics. In every case, we are able to find the appropriate research approach and effective business solutions.

Examples of our consulting and research projects

  • Assessment of the size and potential of the construction market and the specific construction sector. Such projects provide our clients with the information necessary to create a business development strategy, and make decisions regarding market expansion and adapting their activities to the changing competitive environment.
  • Development of forecasting models for the whole industry and selected segments. But our solutions include not just reliable forecasts. A unique added value that we offer our clients is creating a forecasting model. This enables your company to independently analyse how the construction market will evolve in the future.
  • Product testing and price testing. Findings from these types of tests help optimise the products and price portfolio, as well as the pricing policy. For our clients, it is a vital element of building a long-term competitive edge in this demanding market.
  • Research and analysis of distribution channels. We’re able to pinpoint distribution channels which have the biggest sales potential. On behalf of our clients, we establish relations with distributors and negotiate favourable terms of cooperation. We also provide support in initiating cooperation with new business partners.
  • Feasibility studies. Entering a new market is a major undertaking, especially when it comes to the construction sector. We provide our clients with support starting from analysis stage, through recommendations concerning the strategy, and ending in assistance in the implementation of action plans. Clients trust us because of our expertise, knowledge of local markets and hundreds of successfully completed projects.
  • Advising in the sale or acquisition of a company. We know how to maximize the effects of the transaction, both for the company sold or acquired, and the buyer. In terms of sales transactions, mergers and acquisitions, we conduct local as well as international projects.
  • Strategic analysis of the market. The result of such an analysis is a comprehensive report on the market. It provides assistance for our clients in, among others, the implementation of due diligence projects, the preparation of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and drawing up reports for investors.

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