Hematologic treatment market research


How to increase sales in the market of hematologic treatment?

PMR Consulting & Research was contacted by an international research agency specialising in the medical sector. The company was working on a project for a big pharmaceutical company. We were asked to conduct a hematologic treatment market research, to answer questions posed by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Our aim was to obtain the following information:

  • how are decisions on the implementation of a particular therapy on the local and regional level made in Poland,
  • how is the new drug concept perceived by the target audience.

On the basis of the obtained information, the pharmaceutical company was planning to make strategic business decisions in two areas:

  • increasing the effectiveness of sales activities by making strategic business decisions taking into account the nature of the Polish healthcare system,
  • modification of a new concept of the drug in a way that better meets the needs of customers.



Hematologic treatment market research: interviews with opinion leaders and representatives of the NFZ

We completed a series of in-depth interviews with opinion leaders and representatives of Poland’s National Health Fund (NFZ). The issues we discussed included, among others, factors when choosing a treatment.

Respondents were presented with the new concept of the product and were asked for feedback. Based on the responses, we developed a set of the most evocative aspects of the offer, as well as the least effective ones. Furthermore, we pointed out what actions should be taken to intensify the marketing message for this drug.



Better knowledge of the market as a basis for a development strategy

PMR Consulting & Research provided the client with detailed information on the healthcare market in Poland. The company used it to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

The research report also included recommendations for further development of the concept of the new drug. They proved to be an important element in creating a strategy for further development for one of the key players in the pharmaceutical market.

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