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News 24 May 2023
Spending on services purchased online to increase to PLN 79bn in 2023
According to PMR data, in 2022 the market of online retail trade in services in Poland reached PLN 68bn, a third more than in 2021, […]
News 9 May 2023
By 2030, the size of the data center market in Poland may exceed 500 MW
PMR forecasts, based on mapped investments by the largest providers, as well as announcements and plans by new players, indicate that Polish data centers will […]
News 12 April 2023
The number of devices connected to the network in Poland is growing rapidly
The Internet of Things is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Polish IT market. According to PMR data, the number of all devices connected […]
News 14 March 2023
Expenditure on video games in 2022 maintained a growth trend
The gaming industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the Polish economy. According to PMR data, the total spending on video games in […]
News 14 February 2023
High growth rate of the cloud computing market – 3.6 billion PLN in 2023
The cloud computing market in Poland has once again experienced a high growth rate, growing by nearly 28% in 2022. This result is only slightly […]
News 4 January 2023
Polish telecoms market worth PLN 42.2bn in 2022
According to the latest PMR report, the Polish telecoms market was worth PLN 41.3bn in 2021. Estimates for 2022 show a continuation of the upward […]
News 15 December 2022
Cybersecurity market to grow to PLN 2.5bn in 2024
PMR has published its latest report containing data and forecasts on the cybersecurity market in Poland. According to preliminary data, the value of the market […]
News 8 April 2022
PLN 58bn online sales of services in 2022
Data from the latest PMR report “Online retail of services in Poland 2022. E-commerce market analysis and development forecasts for 2022-2027” indicate that the market […]
News 20 December 2021
PLN 3bn from the cloud in 2022
Interest in cloud solutions in Poland is not weakening. This is accompanied by an investment boom in the data center market. Mainly due to the […]
News 6 December 2021
PLN 41bn – this is the value of the Polish telecom market today, showing a further upward trend
The telecommunications market in Poland, despite its very high saturation, continues to attract users and build its value.   Three factors have been key to […]
News 29 November 2021
The value of the cyber security market in 2022 will exceed PLN 2bn
After three years of robust double-digit growth, the 2020 cybersecurity solutions market experienced trends related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite initial pessimistic announcements and […]
News 10 November 2021
The boom in mobile Internet in Poland continues
PMR estimates the value of the mobile internet market in Poland in 2020 at PLN 6.2bn. This represents annual growth of 7%. The forecast CAGR […]
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