Good condition of the facade market in Poland

Polystyrene foam getting more expensive – what are the reasons for the price rise?
In January 2021, polystyrene prices increased by 5% compared to December 2020, and are still growing. Both the rapidly increasing prices and the great interest in the product meant that producers introduced delivery limits – from February 26 to March 3, polystyrene was unavailable.   The increasing prices of polystyrene were caused by the increase […]
Will there be acquisition of pharmacy chain?
Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has received an application for permission to acquire control of a large pharmacy chain – Euro-Apteka. As part of the concentration, DOZ will become their owner. Will there be an approval from the UOKiK… In the announced transaction, DOZ SA wants to take control over Euro-Apteka sp. z […]
Demography will significantly change the real estate market
Demographic statistics are often overlooked, but an important factor which influences the long-term valuation and analysis of what types of property will be attractive in the future. Short and medium term evaluations indicate the potential and profitability of real estate investments. However, when examining long-term trends, investors need to pay attention to a number of […]
AstraZeneca to take over Alexion
In December 2020, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the pharmaceutical company Alexion. The value of the transaction is $39bn. The transaction is to be completed in Q3 2021. AstraZeneca will take over Alexion for $39 billion On 12 December 2020, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced that […]
Adamkiewicz’s marriage is no longer on the Adamed Management Board
The owners of Adamed Pharma SA – Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Management Board and Malgorzata Adamkiewicz, Vice-President of the Management Board, move from the Management Board to the Supervisory Board. It was informed that this change serves to focus their attention primarily on strategic issues and directions of development of Adamed. Adamed – family-owned […]
Changes in the management board of IDS-BUD and DIM Construction
Supervisory Board of IDS-BUD S.A. decided to entrust the position of the president of the management board to Marcin Idzik. He will combine duties with the function of the president of the management board of the technological and engineering company DIM Construction Sp. z o.o. Marcin Idzik is a manager with many years of experience […]
Lecznice Citomed part of LUX MED Group
Yesterday, the LUX MED Group announced the acquisition of a network of outpatient facilities and a multi-specialist hospital belonging to Lecznice Citomed. The value of the transaction, which has yet to obtain UOKiK’s consent, has not been disclosed. Second hospital acquired by LUX MED Group during the pandemic The LUX MED Group, the largest network […]
New Minister of Health appointed
The former head of the National Health Fund (NFZ) was appointed on the new Minister of Health. Adam Niedzielski became the new Minister of Health. The decision was made public by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki yesterday. In NFZ since 2018 Niedzielski has been with the NFZ for over two years. From January to July 2018, […]
Grocery retail market in Poland to exceed PLN 350bn in 2025
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the grocery retail market in Poland will record positive dynamics in 2020. The market will grow by ca. 1.8% to ca. PLN 295bn or €66.5bn, according to PMR’s latest report entitled “Grocery retail market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025”. Household consumption will fall The regulations introduced […]
Private healthcare market in Poland – what can we expect?
The value of the private healthcare market in Poland, including expenditure on drugs and non-drug, amounted to over PLN 58bn in 2019. This represented an increase of around 10% YoY, according to PMR’s latest report entitled “Private healthcare market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025”. In PMR’s opinion, the year 2020 […]
Another da Vinci robot in Poland
Military Institute of Medicine (WIM) is another facility in Poland that will operate using da Vinci medical robot. This is the eleventh such device delivered by Synektik company in Poland. New agreement of the Synektik Group On Friday, 10 July, the Synektik Group has concluded an agreement for delivery of da Vinci robotics system to the Military […]
First EOS system in Poland
The first EOS system on the market in Poland was installed in the VisionMed facility in Łódź at the end of April 2020. The system is a safe alternative to X-rays, allowing for regular diagnostics. Commercial tests start from mid-June 2020. EOS versus X-rays Tests performed through the EOS system guarantee a minimum dose of […]
Julita Czyzewska dismissed from the position of President of PZU Zdrowie
Julita Czyzewska is no longer president of PZU Zdrowie, a subsidiary of PZU operating in the private medical care segment. Sebastian Tabaka and Piotr Lizukow have also been dismissed from the board. Dismissal of CEO and members of the Management Board of PZU Zdrowie Anna Janiczek became the acting president of PZU Zdrowie. Her aim is […]
How much will we pay for a parking space in the new housing estate?
At what price do developers offer parking spaces in underground garages and outdoor parking lots? The survey was conducted by the real estate service Mirosław Kujawski, Board Member of Develia S.A. The prices of parking spaces vary depending on their type. Whether it is a place in a garage hall or in front of […]
LUX MED opens a medical marijuana clinic
LUX MED Group, one of the largest private medical companies in Poland, has announced the launch of a medical marijuana clinic. The clinic will be located in Warsaw. Medical marijuana legal since 2017 Medicines and extracts from medical marijuana have become legal in Poland thanks to the 2017 regulations. However, they did not appear on […]
New market leader in consumer electronics market?
In the coming years, RTV Euro AGD will give way to the market leader for Media Expert. The chain will be the market leader thanks to the opening of new stores and the growing popularity of its online store.   According to PMR estimates, in the coming years Media Expert will overtake the current market […]
Wroclaw is the third fastest growing city in the EU
Wroclaw was ranked third in the ranking of the most dynamically developing European cities, second only to Dublin and Prague, according to the CEE Investment Report: Thriving Metropolitan Cities by Skanska, Colliers International and Dentons. TOP 20 includes 4 other Polish cities. GDP growth as a strength of Wroclaw Among the fastest growing metropolises in […]
Apteki Gemini for sale
Apteki Gemini may soon change their owners. Warburg Pincus wants to sell this chain of over 160 outlets, Puls Biznesu reports referring to Bloomberg agency. Apteki Gemini valued at over PLN 2.5bn According to the agency’s sources, Warburg Pincus is already working with advisors on this transaction. Its value may reach even €600m (PLN 2.6bn). Other private equity funds […]
New Szpital Uniwersytecki in Krakow open
On 29th October, the new Szpital Uniwersytecki in Krakow officially opened its new section. It is one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in this part of Central and Eastern Europe. Carry-over to end in Q1 2020 The new premises of the Szpital Uniwersytecki will have 925 beds, only in double rooms with […]
Only four countries in Europe have more expressways/motorways
Poland is currently ranked fifth among European countries in terms of the total length of expressways and motorways, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has announced. The roads completed in recent years have allowed us to overtake the UK in this ranking. Spain in the first place At the top of the […]