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News 22 June 2023
Dynamic situation in the renewable energy market
The Russian aggression in Ukraine has rendered the current shape of the energy system in Europe obsolete. Energy prices in 2022 skyrocketed to levels that […]
News 7 February 2023
The year 2022 was record-breaking in the construction chemicals market in Poland
Thanks to the record volume of initiated investments in residential construction in 2021 and ongoing construction projects, as well as the record number of completed […]
News 12 January 2023
Several factors restrict the development of sustainable construction in Poland
Sustainable development is becoming one of the key challenges for the construction market. In the latest PMR report on sustainable construction in Poland, we address […]
News 10 November 2022
Fewer construction starts – changes in the precast concrete market
Recent months have brought great uncertainty to the construction market. All analyses and plans prepared in companies involved in the construction industry must take into […]
Case studies 3 November 2022
Analysis of the Polish photovoltaic market for CORAB
For CORAB, a leading Polish manufacturer of photovoltaic systems and distributor of devices, we performed an analysis of the photovoltaic market in Poland with reference […]
Case studies 27 June 2022
Construction materials market analysis in Romania
Our client wanted to learn about the current situation on the Romanian construction materials market. As an international player, the company was considering the purchase […]
News 25 February 2022
Good condition of the facade market in Poland
The factors that had the strongest impact on the Polish facade market in 2021 were price spikes and problems with the availability of construction materials. […]
News 14 January 2022
Poland is the second largest construction market among Central and Eastern European countries.
The accumulated value of the construction market for Central and Eastern European countries in 2021, calculated for five analyzed countries – the Czech Republic, Poland, […]
News 15 October 2021
The sector at the threshold of large investments in the time of turbulence on the construction materials market
On 7 October, as every year, an industry meeting was held among nearly 150 representatives of management boards of key contractors, developers, investors, building materials […]
News 29 July 2021
Construction materials prices rising fastest in civil engineering
The sharp increases in construction materials prices observed in recent months coupled with uncertainty as to how prices might behave in the coming quarters have […]
News 25 July 2021
The growing pace of construction production in Russia will accelerate in 2021
The PMR report, titled “Construction Sector in Russia H1 2021. Development Forecasts for 2021-2026”, indicates that in the years 2014-2017, the Russian construction industry showed […]
News 5 March 2021
Evaluation of the economic climate by renovation and construction companies at the lowest level since 2012
The sharp decline in the Construction Business Sentiment Index PMR for the construction chemicals industry, along with very positive statistics for volumetric construction, make it […]
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