Our experience

For over 25 years, we have been providing solutions and data for executives, directors of marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics, and finance in the following areas:

  • company strategy
  • strategic marketing
  • operational marketing in product pricing and distribution
  • analytics, market research:

    • competitive market analytics
    • analytical consulting
    • business interviews
  • sales management
  • IT strategy
  • digital transformation
  • process management
  • project management

We combine unique competencies

In our work, we synergically combine competencies from different areas, such as marketing research, market analysis, forecasting, strategic and digital consulting. This synergy allows us to create industry reports and dedicated market research, as well as offer consulting services of unique value to the market.

All company departments participate in creating reports, ensuring their high quality and distinguishing us from the competition. These are not only standard research and analysis results, but also in-depth market analysis, which allows for obtaining detailed information about specific markets and sectors.

Because of this, our reports are exceptionally useful for clients who need specialist data for specific project needs.

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