Entering the transport market, including bus and coach segments


How to maximise the return on investment in the transport market?

An international holding, which operates in the transport sector (among other sectors), wanted to explore the possibility of doing business in Poland. They were interested in either buying a majority shares, or acquiring a promising Polish company. The company had to find the answers to a number of important questions. Is it worth it to invest in Polish transport? If so, which areas of the market to choose? Which expansion strategy to adopt while entering the transport market successfully? And finally – in which company to invest?



A thorough advisory while the process of entering the transport market in Poland

In order to support the client to the best of our abilities, our consultants and researchers conducted a detailed analysis of the Polish transport market. The project took into account:

  • comparing the bus and coach segment with the segments of rail transportation and aviation transportation,
  • analysis of the competition, which included a review of both private and state-owned companies operating in the sector,
  • analysis of the level of concentration / fragmentation of the market,
  • market prospects for the coming years,
  • commentary concerning the privatisation of the bus and coach market,
  • all the legal aspects of conducting business in Poland in terms of bus transport, with particular emphasis on urban, regional, and international and tourism transport.

An extremely valuable part of the project was an analysis of foreign companies already present or ready to enter the market in the near future. This made it possible to prepare strategies better suited to potential changes that may soon appear in bus and coach transport.

Knowing that our client wants to invest in an existing company, we also offered them consulting services. They took form of an analysis of potential investment entities. We prepared detailed profiles of 40 companies of various sizes. Later on, we created a shortlist of those that seemed particularly interesting.



Successful transport market entry strategy

Our research, analyses and advice helped the client gain a thorough knowledge of the market of bus and coach transport in Poland, necessary to make a major investment decision. We presented the results of a thorough study of the market and dozens of profiles of companies, including contact details and crucial information about each of them.

Equipped with such extensive knowledge, the client could take the next steps in the process of buying a majority shares or acquiring a selected Polish company.

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