Entering the medical services market and sales growth strategy


What new area of the medical industry is worth investing in to increase sales?

Our client, a healthcare services provider in Western Europe, also successfully operating on the Polish market, wanted to diversify their operations in Poland and expand them by adding profitable areas of the medical industry. The company was considering entering the medical services market in Poland, but they didn’t have a clear picture of the industry outlook.
PMR collaborated with the company on determining the most reasonable and attractive directions for the company’s development.



Research and consulting that support entering the medical services market

Our team completed a three-stage project, consisting of research, analytical and consulting services.

  • Data collection and analysis of the medical services market in Poland, along with the identification and discussion of eight potential areas of interest for further analysis.
  • An in-depth analysis of selected areas and their evaluation in terms of:
    • epidemiology,
    • contracts with the NFZ (National Health Fund),
    • number of facilities in Poland,
    • regional distribution of facilities in Poland,
    • profitability of selected procedures in each area,
    • ownership structure of available facilities (potential for acquisition),
    • financial results.
  • Advising on the best market entry strategy and presenting available options: a greenfield investment, cooperation with public hospitals, or acquisition.



Recommendations for an optimal path of development in Poland

PMR provided the client not only with a lot of detailed data on the market of medical services, but also with specific recommendations. We identified those market segments that ensure return on investment and the success of the overall expansion plan. In order to support our client in a complex way, we developed further operational scenarios.

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