Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a process that aims to integrate digital technologies and solutions into all areas of a company's operations to achieve business goals, such as increasing cost efficiency and improving customer experiences. However, according to statistics, only about 30% of companies successfully achieve these goals.

To succeed in digital transformation, three things are important:

  1. Changes should be introduced gradually and should not cause major shocks.
  2. Changes should be cost-effective and provide real financial benefits.
  3. The company should be ready for transformation, know the available technological solutions, and know what services are on the market.

The bottleneck of digital transformation is the choice or design of appropriate technological solutions and finding an implementation partner or acquiring their own implementation competencies.


Class of solutions:


  • CRM & SRM
  • ERP
  • ESB, Microservices
  • DevOps, Container Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Order Management


  • e-commerce solutions
  • Data Warehouse
  • Customer Service
  • IT Ops Management
  • IOT
We support digital transformation leaders


The service is addressed to digital transformation leaders such as CTO and CIO, IT directors, and enterprise architects.

We want to help leaders and practitioners of digital transformation to define business goals of transformation, connect them with a series of changes that need to happen in the enterprise for digital transformation to succeed, create a practical transformation plan and schedule, and support it with known experts in the ICT market, technological solutions, and implementation providers.

Together with the client, we create a practical transformation plan that includes both cultural changes, changes in the business model, and primarily technological changes.