Digital strategy

The use of digital tools is currently crucial for achieving business success. Companies that do not have a clearly defined digital strategy risk falling behind their competition and losing opportunities to acquire new customers and develop their business.

At PMR, we provide advice and planning for activities related to the digitalization of business processes to achieve specific business goals.

The service includes an analysis of the current situation of the company in terms of the use of digital technologies, identification of needs and opportunities, and development of a coherent strategy for the use of these tools.

As part of the digital strategy, we help in selecting appropriate platforms and tools for communication with customers, strengthening presence on social media, improving the efficiency of marketing activities, or implementing data management systems and business analytics.

Scope of activities:


  • analysis of business goals
  • identification of areas that require improvement
  • preparation of a transformation plan
  • recommendation of technological solutions
  • selection of appropriate digital tools


  • support in preparing for the automation of business processes
  • integration of existing technologies with new ones
  • maintenance of technological solutions