Development strategy


We support companies in the process of creating and implementing strategies, helping clients plan specific actions and projects, as well as monitoring their progress.

At every stage of cooperation, we provide professional support, and continuous contact with the client allows us to flexibly respond to your needs, appropriately adjusting the strategy.

Both small and medium-sized companies, as well as corporations and non-profit organizations operating in various sectors and industries, benefit from our consulting services.


Detailed scope:


  • development strategy – overall company development and competitive position
  • marketing strategy
  • sales strategies
  • creation of market entry concepts and market positioning
  • support for mergers, acquisitions, and PMI transactions
  • IT strategies
In developing the strategy, we use the basics of methodology:


  • strategic analysis
  • market threat analysis
  • attractiveness studies of sectors
  • non-standard market and sector research
  • competitiveness studies of companies
  • identification of market trends based on qualitative economic and sociological analysis
  • quantitative and qualitative demand and supply forecast based on statistical quantitative methods
Holistic approach


When creating a development strategy for our clients, we take into account several factors that significantly influence business success, such as:

    • market trends,
    • competition,
    • legal regulations,
    • organizational culture.

In developing the development strategy, we also combine knowledge of our experts from various fields, including marketing, finance, technology, and business psychology, which allows us to guarantee clients comprehensive support in company development.