Market Growth


Growth in the market

Detailed data on market size and value and reliable market forecasts are a mandatory starting point for any strategic analysis of a company’s growth in the market.

The goal of the analysis is to obtain a reliable assessment of the market situation, both current and future one. The obtained data should be rely on the latest research and take into account the characteristics of the industry.

We provide accurate answers to questions about market forecasts

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can reliably answer our clients’ questions:

  • What is and will be the market value?
  • Which market segments provide an opportunity to increase market shares?
  • What is the expected market growth rate in the coming years?
  • What growth and decline factors influence market changes? How to measure their real impact on business?
  • Where to look for opportunities of improving profitability?
  • What macroeconomic indicators should be regularly monitored?
  • How to identify the most probable market development scenario?
  • What new significant trends will influence the development of the industry in the coming years?
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We give practical recommendations showing the way to success

We share not only facts, data and expertise in forecasting with our clients. We also offer them our know-how which immediately translates into their business success.

What exactly is our client provided with?

  • A clear picture of the current market situation.
  • Reliable market forecasts.
  • Various possible market development scenarios.
  • Information on the most probable development of the market situation.
  • Description of the potential of individual market segments.
  • Practical guidelines and recommendations showing the way to success.

What decisions do companies make based on our forecasts?

  • Which market segment to invest in?
  • How to rebuild your product range?
  • Which market segments should be identified?
  • Which market entry strategy to choose?
  • How to adjust the budget to the expected market changes?

Approach ensuring reliable market forecasts

  • We take into account macroeconomic forecasts.
  • We consider the characteristics of the local market.
  • We analyse supply and demand factors.
  • We include market feedback and marketing research results into the process.
  • We analyse the industry situation against the global, international, regional and local background.
  • We apply advanced quantitative methods and econometric modelling.
  • We complement our analysis of current and future trends with assessment of their impact on the market and a given company.
  • We analyse potential changes in the market structure.
  • We identify specific conditions related to a given forecast area.
  • We integrate data obtained from various sources to make them consistent and comparable.
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