Market Evaluation


Strategic market assessment

Size, value, growth, trends – this is a set of key information about the market in which a company operates. They are the basis for both current monitoring and strategic analyses: IPO, market feasibility study and due diligence. These are also needed for cooperation with financial institutions that need an independent, objective and reliable partner who will be able to accurately assess the market.

PMR’s analysts examine thousands of market indicators on a daily basis, which allows them to quickly “get into the project” and correctly identify the key factors for the company’s profitability.

Comprehensive due diligence

This is the crème de la crème of analytical precision. There is no place or time for mistakes here. At PMR, we understand this perfectly well when preparing in-depth due diligence analyses. Both at the stage of preliminary examination of market opportunities and reviewing conditions for a specific transaction, we help increasing the profitability of the project. We know which factors need to be verified in order to make the right investment decision in view of the defined strategic goals.

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We work for industry players, private equity funds and investment banks. We are familiar with the characteristics of each of these groups, which allows us to start the project quickly and provide high-quality consulting.


Business analysis, or commercial due diligence, is our specialty. In such projects, we:

  • show investors the actual market situation
  • estimate the market value and growth potential
  • present the customer perspective
  • analyse the competitive position of the client,
  • analyse various market players, e.g. suppliers, manufacturers or distributors
  • point out what might be the source of added value or threats in the future (“red flags”).

Detailed and reliable data

Below we present examples of information provided to our clients, even in a very demanding time frame:

  • How big is the current and projected market potential?
  • What are the most important risks of the investment?
  • How is the market perceived by the competitors?
  • How is the market perceived by customers?
  • Which market segments are most profitable? What is the analysed company’s and competitors’ position in those segments?
  • How does the company’s growth compare to the market growth?
  • Which environmental or technological factors should be taken into account in the analysis?
  • Which factors should be taken into account when preparing a valuation?


PMR’s consulting team prepares a detailed analysis of the entire market as part of ongoing projects. The information we provide includes:

  • estimation of the size and value of the entire market and segments in which the company operates
  • characteristics of current changes (including legislative ones) affecting the market
  • development forecasts for all market sectors
  • detailed analysis of business models of key market players (along with SWOT analysis).

In addition, the PMR team often conducts a series of in-depth interviews with market experts to verify initial research hypotheses and supplement the analysis with information from specialists operating
in a given industry.

Benefits for customers

PMR provides its clients with a comprehensive report containing an analysis of the current situation in a given market and development forecasts for the next few years.

The above information enables our clients to prepare the optimum business strategy tailored to the market conditions, to respond to their competition and to strengthen the leadership position in the segment where they operate.

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