Market Entry

Launching a new product or entering a new market is a challenge that carries a considerable risk.

During such investments, it is important to have detailed knowledge of the market, identify the needs of local customers and be aware of effective market penetration strategies. It is precisely these elements that can help a company to carry out market entry, minimise the risk of failure and take full advantage of market opportunities.

We have already helped more than 100 companies to successfully complete entry projects in the Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. This was made possible owing to our expertise in the market and consumer research, our understanding of local business models and our knowledge of growth strategies that really work.

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We help companies to succeed in a new market

Our overriding goal in market entry consulting projects is the long-term market success of our clients. In particular, we help them to:

  • get to know the market and customers
  • choose the development strategy with the greatest potential
  • take advantage of new business opportunities
  • minimise the risks associated with the investment
  • maximise return on investment.

We advise companies on how to successfully complete your market entry

In projects aimed at assistance in entering the market or launching a new product, we usually carry out a series of activities. The combination of the following provides our clients with the support they need to successfully build a long-term competitive advantage in the new market.

Market research

  • Market analysis provides information about its value and development prospects in the coming years.
  • Identification of factors stimulating market growth, as well as barriers and formal restrictions to entering the examined market.
  • Overview of the market structure, which allows identifying the most important market players (not only competitive companies, but also stakeholders influencing market shape and development).
  • Competition analysis identifying the strongest players, business and sales models used, products offered, as well as prevailing marketing and pricing strategies.
  • Analysis of the business environment, which involves checking, among other things, legal or technological conditions of conducting business on a given market.
  • Marketing research allowing clients to better understand potential customers and their needs, expectations and purchasing habits.

Analysis of opportunities and threats

  • Overview of new business opportunities that will open up for the investor upon market entry.
  • Identification of threats and risks associated with the investment, together with framing of the most probable scenarios.
  • Review of market niches with the aim of seeking opportunities to expand the area of operations in a new market.
  • Identifying market growth prospects and examining the opportunities and scale of potential earnings in a new market.
  • Investigating the chances of success in line with the client’s objectives, i.e. determining whether the planned investment has economic and business grounds.


  • We advise what decision to make, e.g. whether it is worth investing, and indicate which market segment has the greatest sales potential.
  • We help in identifying business partners (e.g. suppliers or distributors) and we guide our clients through the process of negotiations and starting the cooperation.
  • We suggest a business model that stands the best chance of working in a new market or for a new product/service.
  • We develop a market entry strategy, including recommendations for operational, procurement, sales and marketing activities.
  • We design a strategy for business positioning and development in a new market, including ways of dealing with the investment risk.

We answer the most complicated questions

By adopting the approach described above, we are confident that our consultancy in the process of entering a new market is professional, comprehensive and effective. Thanks to this, our clients receive answers to many detailed questions, for instance:

  • Will the investment in the new market meet the demand for the product?
  • What opportunities and threats should be taken into account in the business model being developed?
  • What is the competitive intensity on the target market? How will it change in the nearest future?
  • What products and services do local customers need?
  • How to effectively reach new customers with the company’s offer?

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