Combustion by-products market analysis


How will the combustion by-products market develop?

A company utilizing combustion by-products planned to create a development strategy for the coming years and came to us to get expert support in planning. Our task was to conduct a complex combustion by-products market analysis, and in particular:

  • determine the directions of further development of the market,
  • estimate of the current and projected market potential, taking into account internal and external factors affecting the market,
  • identify potential target audiences for the client’s offer,
  • identify the key success factors for each of these groups.


Combustion by-products market analysis based on primary research data

In order to be able to answer all of our client’s questions, we decided to conduct a multi stage projects consisting of research, market analysis and consulting.

  • A quantitative study – more than 200 CATI interviews with representatives of various sectors which might potentially be interested in our client’s offer.
  • A qualitative study – over 40 TDI interviews with employees of companies that represent sectors key to our client.
  • In-depth interviews with academic and industry experts.
  • An analysis of statistical data, key macroeconomic indicators and industry indicators affecting the market.


Decisions on further company development and necessary investments

Our research approach – using several complementary methodologies – allowed to look at the researched subject from many perspectives. This was reflected in the report comprehensively presenting the current market situation, competitive environment and prospects for further market development.

The study’s findings and the resulting recommendations have enabled our client to make strategic business decisions on development activities and necessary investments.

The professionalism of our researchers and consultants, as well as the effectiveness of the proposed solutions, were appreciated by the client. The cooperation resulted in further joint projects, including some international projects.

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