The use of finance & accounting software



What is the market development potential?

An internationally active provider of IT solutions was preparing to devise a Central and Eastern Europe strategy for its business. Before doing so, it needed to gain a better understanding of the market potential in Belarus. So it engaged PMR to investigate the use of finance & accounting software in the country.

The objective was to:

  • find out about the IT solutions currently used by firms in Belarus for their finance and accounting processes,
  • determine the level of use of modern IT tools by accounting departments,
  • identify the needs of companies from different sections of the market concerning finance & accounting software.


Study on the use of financial and accounting systems

The PMR team conducted a CATI survey* of Belarussian firms, interviewing 60+ executives and accounting department professionals about finance & accounting software issues.

The survey gathered key market data for the client:

  • finance & accounting solutions currently in use,
  • user preferences,
  • unmet needs,
  • key factors in vendor selection and ways of purchasing,
  • identification of main competitors and their sales and distribution models
  • key success factors on the Belarussian market.

The survey went very smoothly and we were able to present detailed findings to the client within a short time.


Preparation of the company for entering the new market

Thanks to the information provided by our survey, the client was able to gain a good understanding of the local market requirements in Belarus and thus make an informed assessment of the opportunities and risks associated with entry.


* CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

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