Will specialists accept the new product?

An international research agency working for a global pharmaceutical company requested us to perform qualitative research on the Polish market involving test of the concept among paediatricians and midwives. The main objective of the project was to test food product concept and learn what specialists think about the offer addressing food allergies in newborns.



Test of the concept performed in the form of interviews with specialists

Under this project we conducted 90 quantitative interviews with paediatricians and midwives. Specialists dealing in their everyday practice with patients suffering from food allergies or those in risk groups were selected to participate in this research.

In the course of the research we analysed current habits of paediatricians and midwives with respect to making recommendations about food products of special medical purposes. We also identified the main challenges and needs in that area.

The core part of the research consisted in the assessment of the new product concept based on presented marketing materials. What was subject to evaluation was the name as well as the price range.



Effective marketing communication

Conducted research allowed the client to better understand the specific nature of the Polish market with respect to handling patients with food allergies and patient in risk groups.

Additionally, the client was acquainted with the opinion of Polish specialist concerning the new product concept before its launch on the market. Therefore, it was possible to better adapt marketing communication to the local target group.

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