Research on the chimney market in Poland

Manufacturer of chimney systems

komin ceramiczny

Our client commissioned PMR to prepare research on the chimney market in Poland.

Aim of market research 

The general aim of the project was to describe two segments of the chimney market (steel and ceramic). Additionally, the aim was to compare key market players according to specific criteria. The final report describes market value, market trends, and the prognoses and shares of key market players. The client also received also a comparative analysis of the market players by business profile, assortment, prices and technical parameters of the chimneys they offer.

Research on the chimney market method

The project employed PMR methodology, which is PMR’s proprietary tool for performing custom industry analyses, market evaluations and prognoses. The methodology included desk research analysis, 30 in-depth interviews, and a quantitative study among over 150 industry experts.

Research services

PMR is a full service agency using a full range of research techniques. We provide our clients quantitative and qualitative marketing research. Based on our knowledge and many years of experience, we coordinate multinational projects, saving your time, nd guaranteeing the same high quality and consistency of deliverables. We specialize in the following areas of research in Central and Eastern Europe:

  • international research,
  • B2B and consumer surveys,
  • central location tests,
  • healthcare research using proprietary physicians’ and pharmacists’ PMR,
  • brand awareness studies using our PMR methodology,
  • name, package and product testing,
  • competition & segmentation studies,
  • comprehensive industry analyses using PMR methodology.

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