How hospitals take purchase decisions?

One of our regular clients, an international research agency specialising in medical and pharmaceutical research, asked PMR Consulting & Research to conduct a research of purchase process among hospital administrators.

The purpose of the study was to:

  • understand the purchase process of laboratory equipment,
  • identify key decision factors,
  • diagnose the perception of key equipment manufacturers from the perspective of those involved in the administrative decision-making process.



Research of purchase process – CAWI study with hospital administrators

The PMR Consulting & Research team conducted a series of CAWI interviews with hospital administrators involved in the tender process in Polish medical institutions. The group included purchasing managers and managers of public procurement and medical devices departments.

Respondents were asked about the course of the purchase process and the key drivers of diagnostic equipment selection. What’s more, the questionnaire contained a series of questions regarding the assessment of manufacturers of medical equipment in terms of the quality of cooperation with their medical representatives regarding the after-sales service and the quality of their technical service.

Public administration representatives are not a target group that participates in marketing research very often, so the right recruitment of appropriate respondents was a challenge. However, thanks to our extensive network of recruiters and field coordinators all over Poland, we were able to successfully conduct the recruitment process.



Local sales strategy

Our client received comprehensive information on the purchase process of diagnostic equipment in Polish hospitals. The findings were useful, among others, when building a local sales strategy for the diagnostic equipment manufacturer who has commissioned the study.


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