How to improve a website?

Our client was a Russian company providing services in creating and maintenance of websites. The company was planning to expand by entering the Polish market for IT services. They also wanted broadening their client portfolio. They needed to identify the weaknesses of the current version of their websites, and then modify it so as to meet the needs of the target group in Poland. The key to the success of the project was a research of online consumer behaviour and learning the customers’ preferences (e.g. in the area of payment methods).


Research of online consumer behaviour: individual in-depth interviews

In just two days after the completion of the study we provided our client with complete information. We also added many practical suggestions. This was possible thanks to using the technique of individual in-depth interviews, and the commitment of our professional moderators, analyst and project manager.


Improving the test version of the website

The results presented by PMR Consulting & Research included not only the results of our research, but also conclusions and recommendations ready to be implemented. The information obtained allowed to build a complete picture of the needs of customers. Consequently, it helped to quickly and efficiently make significant changes in the test version of our client’s web solutions.

The report and recommendations provided the client with relevant knowledge about the online behaviour of Polish consumers. It helped in the development of the company in a new market.


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