How will the hoist market in Europe develop?

We were chosen for this project on account of our extensive experience and expert knowledge of markets in Central and Eastern Europe. We had the opportunity to demonstrate and prove our expertise within the region by carrying out research into the hoist market.

An international player in the industry needed detailed data on this market in many countries. We were responsible for a part of this study, focusing on the market of lifting equipment in Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia.


Comprehensive research into the hoist market

We identified the key market players in each of the three countries studied – both the manufacturers and distributors of lifting equipment. We reach out to key decision-makers and experts from all these companies. We conducted about 80 in-depth interviews in the Polish, Czech and Russian markets.

To be certain about the market’s current situation and development prospects, we expanded the scope of our research by adding the opinions of users of lifting equipment. We completed about 25 interviews with end users in sectors that are the largest recipients of lifting equipment.


In-depth knowledge of the hoist market in Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia

We conducted extensive research into the hoist market, and provided our client with crucial data on:

  • market value,
  • market volume,
  • major players,
  • trends,
  • development forecasts.


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