Pedestrian traffic at potential eating establishment sites

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ruch pieszych w miescie

Our client, a company managing a retail network, needed data on pedestrian traffic at specific locations in Warsaw.

Aim of market research 

The client required information not only on traffic, but also on the approximate demographics of the pedestrians (gender, age, etc.). The data was to be used to assess the potential of selected locations of the network’s new retail outlets.

Research method

The study could not be carried out using computers, but required employing experienced interviewers. As the client requested, we measured pedestrian traffic at the exact locations specified by the client. The survey was conducted over a period of seven days, for 16 hours each day.

Result of market research

The gathered data enabled us to present the client with a detailed report, which took into account hourly pedestrian volume at specific locations, including a breakdown by gender and age categories. This allowed the client to make further business decisions based on reliable market data.

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