What does the local market look like?

An international research company needed local support to conduct online interviews with cardiologists. Due to extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector it decided to hire researchers from PMR Consulting & Research. The project was commissioned by one of the pharmaceutical companies and it referred to a narrow segment of the market.

Our first task under this cooperation project was to identify Polish medical centres as well as specialists with whom we could get in touch in order to gather information that was important to the end client. Later we conducted online interviews with cardiologists dealing with the treatment of a hugely rare disease – pulmonary arterial hypertension.


Detailed online interviews with cardiologists

The biggest challenge in the course of that project was the recruitment of respondents. The process of searching for research participants was very demanding due to the subject of the study. It is estimated that only several dozen people in Poland are taken ill with pulmonary hypertension a year.

Yet, thanks to the resources of the PMR Medical Panel as well as an experienced team of recruiters we were able to select the relevant number of participants within a short time. The research team got in touch with 30 cardiologists who met the criteria of the research group and they took part in online interviews (CAWI).



Reliable information about the local market

As a result of this project the client received information concerning the characteristic features of the Polish market that was of key importance to its business objectives. Based on that data the client could take strategic and operational business decisions concerning the offer development.

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