Non-wage benefits market study

Non-wage benefits market
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What is the nature of the Polish market of non-wage benefits?

A company operating in the market of non-wage benefits wanted to better adapt their products and services to the needs of Polish consumers. They realised that non-wage benefits are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. But on the other hand, they also knew that there are many non-wage benefits solutions already present in the market, and that the competitive environment is challenging. Wishing to increase their market share, they decided on a comprehensive non-wage benefits market study.


Non-wage benefits market study in a form of qualitative research

In this project, PMR Consulting & Research conducted a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with senior management and HR directors. The respondents were representatives of companies that already offer their employees a variety of non-wage benefits. To get a complete view of the market, the research sample was divided into several groups depending on the size of the company. Interviews were conducted in both small and medium-sized organisations and large enterprises.


A thorough knowledge of the needs of companies and their employees

Our researchers gathered a great deal of important data on the non-wage benefits market in Poland. On this basis, they developed a comprehensive report for the client, which included an analysis and recommendations on the following areas:

  • biggest challenges faced by employers,
  • employee expectations,
  • benefits most valued by employees,
  • non-wage benefits which employees never use.

As a result of the study, the client gained insight into the preferences of both companies and their employees. With this knowledge, the company could start working on adapting its offer to the needs of the Polish market.

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