How to better reach customers in the mining industry in the region?

Our client – a leader in the sector of machine solutions and spare parts in the mining industry – wanted to get to know their customers to effectively communicate with them, and thus improve the company’s sales performance. A mining machinery market research was to provide detailed customer information, and above all:

  • recognition of the entire purchasing process and decision-makers in the area of procurement,
  • identification of key decision factors in the purchasing process,
  • identification of the specific needs of customers in terms of product solutions.


Mining machinery market research – value, trends, customers

The market analysis of mining (both surface mining and underground mining) included:

  • market mapping,
  • identifying decision makers in the purchasing process,
  • analysing the purchasing process,
  • creating a description of major current and upcoming trends and changes in the market,
  • identifying key buying factors for each of the client’s product categories.


Adjustment of sales and marketing strategies to market requirements

From the very beginning of our cooperation with this client, we wanted our research into the mining machinery market to be not just a source of dry facts, but a useful business tool. We provided the client with the opportunity to use the results of the analysis in their daily practice of sales and marketing through a number of comments, explanations and recommendations. Thanks to this approach, the client can create the right product strategy for local customers and adjust all their activities to the needs of key customers.


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