Market analysis of concrete prefabricates

Construction market
Germany, Sweden, Poland
Concrete manufacturer


What is the current condition of the market?

Our client in this project was a leading manufacturer of concrete. The company asked PMR Consulting & Research to conduct a market analysis of concrete prefabricates market in Poland and prepare a complex report with key business recommendations.

The client was looking for information about market condition, structure and potential, as well as about main producers and biggest concrete consumers in Poland.

Thinking about company development, our client considered also international markets. That is why, the company was also interested in information about biggest exporters of concrete prefabricates to Germany and Sweden.


Comprehensive market analysis of concrete prefabricates

In order to answer all client’s questions and better support in future business growth, a team of PMR consultants completed a detailed analysis of the entire market, including:

  • estimation of concrete prefabricates market structure – both by shape and by size,
  • identification of biggest producers and consumers of concrete prefabricates on the Polish market,
  • gathering and analysis of trade data regarding export of concrete prefabricates to Germany and Sweden.


Improving competitive position on the market

Our client received detailed analysis of the concrete prefabricates market. With the information collected during the study, the client was able to put together an optimal business strategy, decide which companies are the best potential business partners and strengthen their position as one of the biggest suppliers.

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