Working for Łódź University of Technology (Politechnika Łódzka), PMR prepared a report on the irradiation and sterilization services market in Poland.

Market research method 

The report was based on following sources of information:

  • desk research analysis,
  • quantitative research – 160 telephone interviews (CATI) with companies potentially interested in irradiation and sterilization services,
  • interviews with market experts and representatives of branch organizations, companies operating in the selected market branches and companies providing sterilization services.

Result of market research

Report included information on economic situation in selected market branches, currently used in Polish companies irradiation and sterilization techniques. In addition it contains level of costs and prices and current demand for such services.  Above all it include other information required by the client.

PMR research services

What is more, PMR is a full service agency providing services at all stages of research projects; from questionnaire design through fieldwork to data analysis. With our reports, we also guarantee time savings, high quality results and the realisation of the following research areas in Central and Eastern Europe:

  • international research,
  • B2B and consumer surveys,
  • central location tests,
  • healthcare research using proprietary physicians’ and pharmacists’ PMR Medical Panel,
  • brand awareness studies using our PMR Brand Image methodology,
  • name, package and product testing,
  • competition & segmentation studies,
  • comprehensive industry analyses using PMR methodology.

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