In-depth interviews with doctors on orphan drugs

in-depth interviews with doctors


How do doctors evaluate the tested medical product?

An international pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of innovative lifesaving therapies once again turned to PMR Consulting & Research with a request for research support. The client wanted to know the opinions of Czech doctors of a narrow specialisation on one of its medical products. We conducted in-depth interviews with doctors on orphan drugs, in order to be able to respond to the needs of our client, including:

  • explore the typical patient path,
  • understand the currently used treatments for specific diseases,
  • determine the level of availability of treatment offered by our client,
  • identify the refund status,
  • explore barriers to the use of drugs manufactured by our client.



In-depth interviews with doctors

In the Czech Republic there are no official statistics on the population of patients and institutions dealing with the kind of therapy we were researching. Therefore, the first challenge for our researchers was to identify and acquire respondents for the study. A good knowledge of the medical market in the Czech Republic proved crucial, as did our team of experienced recruiters. As a result, we moved quickly to implement the next phases of the project.

We decided on in-depth interviews with doctors to learn how best to learn about the market for orphan drugs. Interviews were conducted by moderators with knowledge of the local healthcare system, who could freely discuss with the respondents and expand on the issues which are key from the perspective of the client.



Extensive knowledge of the market

Our research resulted in a set of information necessary for the creation of business plans and development strategies:

  • detailed knowledge of the market of orphan drugs in the Czech Republic,
  • reliable data on the healthcare system in the country,
  • practical recommendations from PMR experts.

Thanks to the results of our research, our client gained insight into the needs of the Czech market. Based on the findings, the company was able to customise their communications strategy to the local market and the needs of patients and physicians – and, as a result, was able to increase the efficiency of their sales activities.

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