Entering aggregate and cement market in Russia

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What is the development potential of a new project in Russia?

A manufacturer operating on the mining and construction materials market asked PMR Consulting & Research to cooperate with them on a project to prepare the company to entering the aggregate and cement market.

Our client obtained a license for the mining of limestone and clay at a new location in Russia. And because these are important raw materials used in the production of construction materials, the client was hoping to start a profitable business in this segment.

However, before making any decisions, our client wanted to get more information on the market of aggregates and cement in Russia – both market data and technical knowledge. On the basis of an in-depth analysis they wanted to gain insight into the possibilities for the development of their business and assess the use potential of the new extraction location.


Feasibility study on entering the aggregate and cement market

The project began with gathering and analysing of data. With knowledge of this market segment we could create a list of products which require the use of cement, limestone or limestone aggregate in the manufacturing process.

To ensure our client has the most accurate knowledge of the market, on the basis of preliminary information we conducted a comprehensive feasibility study on entering the aggregate and cement market. During our research, we accumulated a lot of market data and technological data that allowed for a fair assessment of the market development potential.


Prospects for the development of a new cement factory in Russia

Based on the feasibility study conducted by PMR Consulting & Research, the client could decide to create a modern cement factory in Russia. The combination of our technical and business expertise with our client’s knowledge and experience became the foundation for building a development strategy for the company in a new market.

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