Construction materials market analysis in Romania


Our client wanted to learn about the current situation on the Romanian construction materials market. As an international player, the company was considering the purchase of selected construction materials on the Romanian market.

Aim of market analysis

The key point was to understand which Romanian products are particularly strong. Construction materials market analysis contains also what the international flows are within selected product groups.

PMR’ research methodology

In the first stage of the project PMR consultants selected, together with the client, product groups and product codes intended to become the basis for further investigation. As the next step, the data on export and import was gathered and prepared. Having prepared a reliable database, PMR team members designed dedicated dashboards presenting the information in a clear and user-friendly way.

Result of PMR’s project

The value PMR delivered to the client was an in-depth understanding of the current situation on the Romanian construction materials market. Construction materials market analysis allowed design an interactive tailor-made solution. This enabled the client to carry out individual analysis as a quick response to questions arising in everyday work. Thus the client received a tool which will support them in making the strategic decisions in terms of supplier selection.

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