How to carry out rebranding that brings long-term benefits?

A packaging makeover is one of those marketing activities that cannot succeed without hearing the opinion of consumers. Therefore, in response to the need of our client, we proposed them a concept test of food packaging. Many times we had witnessed how important and sensitive to errors rebranding can be – especially in the FMCG sector and the food industry.

A food manufacturer approached us for support in the decision-making process of choosing new packaging for their product. The company needed specific guidance on which graphic design can translate into greater customer confidence. The client wanted to know which one of the prepared designs would ensure that the product stands out on the shelf among many other foodstuffs and make customers pay attention, thus providing higher sales of the product.


A concept test of food packaging – graphics, layout, communication, associations…

To find the most effective package that ensures greater sales, PMR conducted a number of activities in the field of concept research:

  • concept test of food packaging,
  • analysis of competing packagings from the same product category,
  • hundreds of interviews carried out in a form of central location test).

During the study we assessed and analysed various elements of the packagings:

  • graphic design and layout,
  • marketing messages,
  • association with the packaging,
  • probability of the customer assessing the product based on the packaging.

The credibility of our findings was ensured by a carefully selected sample, which directly corresponded to the structure of our client’s target audience.


Choosing the packaging with the best image and sales potential

A detailed analytical report developed by PMR Consulting & Research included answers to all of the client’s burning questions. We supplemented them by adding information on packaging used by competing brands and providing support in the decision making process.

The final report from the projects included:

  • an in-depth analysis of consumer behaviours,
  • an attractiveness index of competing packagings in relation to our client’s packaging,
  • suggestions for further actions,
  • recommendations on choosing the product’s design, based on the opinions of consumers.

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