Combustion by-products: market analysis

Energy industry


One of our clients, a company dedicated to the utilization of combustion by-products, was building a development strategy, and asked PMR for support in indicating directions in which this market is developing.

Aim of PMR’s survey

Analysis of combustion by-products market included mainly:

  • An assessment of current and expected market potential, taking into account both internal and external factors affecting it
  • Identifying and analyzing potential target audiences, based on combustion by-products, and indicating key success factors within each group

Methodology of market analysis

In order to provide our client with comprehensive knowledge of the market and the customers, a team of PMR analysts and researchers completed complex research and consulting project, which included:

  • A quantitative survey (over 200 CATI interviews) and a qualitative survey (over 40 TDI interviews) with representatives of various industries which have the potential to use the researched product
  • Expert interviews with academic and market experts
  • An analysis of statistical data, crucial macroeconomic and industry indicators influencing the market

This comprehensive approach, involving the use of several complementary methodologies, allowed us to look at the issue from many different perspectives. The result of this was an extensive research report, which included information on the current state of the market, the competitive environment and development forecasts for the coming years.

Value for the client

The study’s findings enabled our client to make strategic business decisions in terms of the directions of development and planned investments. This successful cooperation also resulted in further projects (including in foreign markets).

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