Brand image study on the laboratory diagnostics market

Medical industry
Laboratory diagnostics equipment producer


How can sales and marketing activities be improved?

Our client – a global player on the market of laboratory diagnostics equipment – requested PMR to perform a brand image study on the market of diagnostic laboratories. The study was supposed to assist the company in developing plans and undertaking sales and marketing activities. The aim of the study was to conduct a diagnosis of the client’s brand that encompassed the brand perception and brand familiarity among the target group. Its goals were also to learn the purchasing habits of that group.


Brand image study

Over 100 interviews with representatives of diagnostic laboratories operating on the Polish market were conducted. Those interviews gave rise to a comprehensive report covering such aspects as:

  • brand familiarity and knowledge,
  • customer satisfaction with products and customer service,
  • customers’ loyalty level towards the brand and the supplier,
  • analysis of purchasing habits (e.g. selection criteria, reasons for resigning from the supplier’s offer),
  • brand’s position compared with the main competitors on the market.


Activities meeting the expectations of the local target group

Thanks to this study the client received thorough information about the brand familiarity level among the target group in Poland. The results of the study made it possible to introduce changes in the client’s marketing strategy, improve those areas of cooperation with customers that were rated lowest as well as adapt the offer to the needs and expectations of customers in Poland.

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