Analysis of the public market for laboratory diagnostic equipment and reagents

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Our client, a global player in advanced laboratory diagnostic equipment and reagents, wanted to better understand the situation on the public procurement market in Poland. So it asked PMR to conduct an in-depth analysis of the public market for in vitro diagnostics.

Purpose of the market analysis

The project proposed by our team required fast and effective aggregation of a very large amount of data and their classification. This was possible thanks to our many years of experience in the analysis of tenders and in work on large data sets, as well as our expert knowledge of the in vitro diagnostics market in Poland.

Research method

PMR analyzed tenders won by the client and its competitors. The largest customers were identified, as were contract durations, average values, etc. The analysis covered both equipment and reagents. The results were divided into the most important segments of laboratory diagnostics.

Furthermore, in order to identify current and future market trends and the most promising areas of laboratory diagnostics, we conducted in-depth interviews with the managers of the largest players and diagnostic laboratories. This was possible thanks to PMR’s long-term relations with market participants and the up-to-date database of contacts that we use in our research.

Effect of the PMR project

Thanks to the analysis, the client identified its competition and its strengths in particular market segments. The project also enabled identification of product niches, regions, and customers where the client had to intensify its activities in order to increase sales.



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