Analysis of pharmaceutical distribution market in Turkey

Pharmaceutical market
Investment fund

Client need

Our client, an investment management fund, commissioned PMR to conduct an analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Turkey. The goals of this project were to assess the main market players and market trends on the wholesale and retail pharmaceutical markets. Also we have determined specific features which might be useful for a company entering the market.


Our deliverables

The analysis provided a comprehensive breakdown of the structure of the Turkish wholesale pharmaceutical distribution market in terms of geographical coverage, the number of outlets, and sales value. The main players (wholesalers) were identified, along with their financial results.

A particularly important element of the study was the collection of unique market information on market trends – past and future. Our experienced analysts provided an assessment of the effect of these trends on companies present on the market.

The study also included an analysis of the value of pharmaceutical distribution and market structure. We provided not only the current market value of the distribution market but also forecasts for the next 5 years.


Value for the client

The client received an in-depth analysis of the drug distribution system in Turkey. We provided support for strategic decisions pertaining to the company’s operations on its target market.

The analysis helped the client to gain insight into the largest market players. The customer was albe to identify potential takeover targets in this industry in Turkey.

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