How to build a successful marketing strategy?

Our client wanted to adapt their global marketing strategy to meet the specific needs of Polish companies interested in forwarding services. The company wanted to create a new media campaign, which would address the needs of this particular audience. To achieve this, our team, in collaboration with an international interactive agency, completed a study on the perception of the quality of courier services by Polish entrepreneurs. As part of the project, we carried out an analysis of needs of companies. We also researched the behaviour and decision-making processes typical for the area of courier services in the B2B segment.



Identification and analysis of needs

The study involved decision-makers who are responsible for the selection and establishment of cooperation with providers of courier services in Polish companies. The study group took its final form when we included representatives of companies of varying level and scope of demand for these services. To ensure the widest possible overview of the subject, we reached out to people working in companies with a diversified business profile.

During our study, we conducted many triad focus group interviews (FGIs). By organising the discussions into smaller three person groups, we were able to fully engage all the participants and learn their past experience, as well as current and projected needs.



Effective strategy and marketing communications

By using qualitative research, small focus groups and the right approach to recruitment of respondents, we obtained detailed information on:

  • current and anticipated needs in the field of forwarding services,
  • unmet needs in the use of the courier companies,
  • desired qualities of courier companies,
  • the decision-making process concerning the selection of courier service providers,
  • models of cooperation with courier companies from the perspective of the entrepreneur.

Furthermore, we proposed a series of recommendations that were helpful in building and optimising a marketing strategy. They were also useful in the stage of adapting the offering and marketing communications to the expectations of current and future business clients.

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