Analysis of laboratory diagnostic equipment market in Poland

Medical market

probowki w laboatorium

Our client – an international player in the market of innovative laboratory diagnostic equipment – commissioned PMR to conduct a market analysis of the laboratory testing equipment in Poland.

Aim of market analysis

The aim was to access the client’s current market position versus competitors and indicate the potential development directions in Poland. The client wanted furthermore to know how the decision-making process looked like and understand better buying preferences among the various lab facilities and the sources of financing laboratory diagnostic equipment.

Research methodology

PMR completed extensive market segmentation of the specialist diagnostic laboratories in Poland considering various factors influencing the current picture of laboratory diagnostics market i.e. the number and type of diagnostics labs, test volume performed annually, type of equipment and consumables used etc.

To deliver a clear market picture, we used different methodology tools.

  • Key part of the project were in-depth interviews conducted with various market stakeholders, including specialist diagnostic laboratories, research institutions, medical specialists, KOLs.
  • Our analysts team executed detailed analysis of tender purchases conducted by public entities over the last few years broken down by product consumables and equipment dedicated to clinical and research testing.
  • A full analysis of the competitive environment was performed outlining market shares of major suppliers of consumables and equipment dedicated for clinical and research purposes and their sales models.
  • Furthermore, PMR analysts, using econometric modelling, presented possible market development scenarios including market sizing.

Result of PMR’s project

The client received a compendium of information on the specialist laboratory diagnostic equipment market in Poland, supplemented with our recommendations for strategic next steps in Poland. The input based on tender analysis and in-depth interviews, gave our client very clear perspective on key buyers, their buying habits and decision-making process. The analysis of laboratory diagnostic equipment also provided in-market structure, sales strategies of key competitors and assessment of their sales strategies efficiency.

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