Which advertising campaign will help boost sales?

PMR, in cooperation with a branding agency, conducted a marketing study for an owner of a retail chain. The client wanted to increase the effectiveness of marketing messages, and therefore needed an advertising campaign test. The project was designed to:

  • investigate the attractiveness of the whole concept, as well as the individual elements of the advertisements,
  • check the level of understanding of the concept by the consumers,
  • identify the strongest and weakest elements of the concept,
  • find out if the consumers evaluate the advertising as a unique and distinctive,
  • verify whether the advertising campaign encourages purchase.


Focus groups as an effective advertising campaigns test

We carried out six focus groups with customers and non-customers of the retailer. During the focus groups, we tested several versions of promotional materials, which allowed us to identify the main pros and cons of each of them. The concept of the campaign assumed communication through different channels to reach consumers, which was also addressed during the focus groups, and helped to define the strengths and weaknesses of each of these channels. During each meeting, the respondents evaluated the consistency and complementarity of the campaign, and its clarity and appeal.


Recommendations for how to improve the effectiveness of advertising

Based on the conclusions of the research, we could help the client and the branding agency to further improve the advertising campaign, so that it can be more appealing to consumers and stimulate sales.

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