PSI Polska, a software house that is part of the German corporation PSI AG, wanted to obtain reliable data on the adoption of the Industry 4.0 (P 4.0) concept in the Polish manufacturing sector. The company specializes in IT solutions for power, manufacturing, logistics, and public transport.

Aim of market analysis

The client wanted to use the analysis of the Industry 4.0 concept both for internal needs (unique data) and to conduct a PR campaign and social media activities. Areas covered by the analysis:

  • Analysis of the readiness of manufacturing companies to implement IT systems for production management;
  • Assessment of the level of saturation with IT systems in companies;
  • Identification of problems related to production management;
  • Assessment of the market situation of the surveyed companies – employees, development, optimism, financial condition.

Research methodology

  • Quantitative B2B survey on a random, representative sample of manufacturing companies, using CATI;
  • Industries covered: mechanical and plant construction; furniture manufacturing; manufacture of metal products; and manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and other transport equipment;
  • Inclusion criteria: annual revenues of at least PLN 20 million; having an ERP system;
  • Interviewee profile: Executive / Management – Production Directors, CEOs, Management Board members.

Effect of cooperation

Thanks to the cooperation with PMR, the client received a comprehensive market analysis in the form of a presentation. An Excel file with the complete set of results and data was also provided for the client’s own analysis, broken down by industry and company size. What is more, thanks to the conducted research it was possible to assess the whole ecosystem Industry 4.0. In addition, the report enabled the client to develop a good picture as to the solutions used by manufacturing companies in Poland (advanced production management systems, sensors, big data, cloud), and as to which advances they considered strategic for further development of their industry (robotization, artificial intelligence, 3D printing). The client also obtained data on the saturation and implementations of various types of systems typical of the manufacturing sector. Not only ERP systems, but also warehouse management systems (WMS), SCADA, CAQ, MES, CMMS, PLM, prototyping systems and production scheduling systems (APS) were taken into consideration. The information about the surveyed companies’ plans was also very valuable. PMR’s experts provided the client with market knowledge about the areas that manufacturers’ investments were likely to concentrate on, also in terms of IT systems.

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