Case studies - 24 October 2022

Web Scraping in the medical devices market in Poland

As part of the project, PMR measured the value of selected segments in the medical devices market, including diagnostic imaging and other diagnostic equipment. An additional objective of the project was to calculate the share of PMR’s client company in the sectors analysed.

Project objectives

One of the leading global suppliers of medical devices requested us to conduct an analysis of tender purchases in specific categories of medical devices, including diagnostic imaging.


The research aimed to:


    • providing information on the market size, broken down by product category and geographic coverage
    • analysis of competitive environment
    • identification of the market shares of major players
    • identification of areas for sales improvement.
Project details

Under the project we analysed the results of around 15,000 tenders organised by public healthcare facilities. The web scraping method was used.


Web scraping is the automatic extraction of large amounts of data from web pages using a programming code. It allows the collection of large data sets several hundred times faster than it would be possible using manual methods.


The web scraping helped measure the market shares of 170 medical device suppliers within three product categories. The data collection procedure was carried out by PMR’s Data Scraping Department. In addition, during the project, PMR analysts used PMR internal database on the medical market, developed since 2001.

Project results
  • The client received data on the size of the analysed segment of the medical devices market.
  • We calculated the sales value, the number of medical devices sold and average transaction prices, as broken down by three device categories.
  • The analysis of the competitive environment provided information on, among other things, the client’s competitive position and share in each of the product categories analysed.
  • We also collected data on unit prices and the most popular brands in the market.
  • We carried out the analysis of the sales structure of the client’s competitors.

An additional task in the project was the compilation of the ranking of largest purchasers of medical devices in the categories analysed. Some of the data were presented as broken down by voivodship. Based on the above data, PMR’s analysts identified areas for improvement, changes and tendencies, and prepared the analysis of trends in each product category.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst