Case studies - 10 July 2023

Understanding dermocosmetic users in Central-Eastern Europe and beyond: qualitative and quantitave research study

Objective of project

The main objective of the project was to better understand the users of dermocosmetics in our client’s less well understood markets. To meet the objective, in the research conducted in each of the seven markets (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, UK), we asked consumers about their purchase motivations, factors considered when choosing products, purchase channels and price sensitivity. In addition, in the course of qualitative research, we learned about consumers’ journey and shopping habits.

Project details

The project consisted of two consecutive stages: quantitative research and qualitative research.

In the quantitative phase, online surveys (CAWI) were conducted with consumers of dermocosmetics in seven markets. The selection of study participants was precisely defined based on gender, age, place of residence, socio-occupational status, as well as roles played in the process of purchasing dermocosmetics. A total of 7011 respondents participated in the study (approximately 1000 from each market). Based on the results of this phase, segmentation was carried out, which identified profiles of individuals that became the foundation for the second stage of the research.

The qualitative part (second stage) of the study was based on two pillars – conducting individual in-depth interviews (IDI) with profiles of consumers selected in the previous stage, and conducting shop-along sessions. In total, 170 interviews and 70 shop-along sessions were conducted. All interviews were transcribed, resulting in over 3500 pages of materials subjected to analysis.

Project results

The result of the study was a total of 8 reports: seven separate reports for each country included in the research, as well as a global report. In each of the reports, the quantitative research findings were enriched with insights gained during the qualitative research phase. The reports included an executive summary with key findings and recommendations, as well as sections covering the structure and profiles of buyers, their behaviors and habits, perception and usage of dermocosmetics, purchasing journey, market and pricing characteristics, and perception of brands and manufacturers. In total, approximately 1000 pages of reports were prepared.

Due to the scale of the study and the volume of collected material, an additional outcome was a dashboard created based on the data, allowing for further exploration of the data and additional visualizations.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst