Case studies - 17 April 2019

The power tools market research in Poland

PMR Market Experts has prepared a power tools market research describing the situation in the market of Polish power tools and accessories for one of the largest power tools manufacturers in the world. 

Project details

The report was based on PMR methodology and sourced data from a quantitative survey (1,000 CATI interviews) conducted among distributors and dealers of power tools in Poland.

Project results

In the report, PMR gathered data on:


  • number of dealers selling power tools,
  • size of selected segments of the power tools market in Poland,
  • availability of brands in points of sale,
  • market shares of main market players,
  • brand recommendations – which brands dealers recommend to their customers,
  • other information of interest to the client.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director