Case studies - 20 June 2018

The analysis of price positioning of clothes and footwear

Objectives of project

The goal of the client was to analyse the price positioning of own brand clothes and footwear in comparison with selected competitive brands. The study conducted by PMR experts included both, the perceived as as well as actual positioning analysed based on actual prices indicated in stores.

Project details

The positioning research was conducted in a two-fold manner. Firstly, a substantial sample of respondents was used to determine the price perception of buyers.  Secondly, store visits allowed us to determine average price levels for selected categories.


In the course of the study, PMR researchers conducted:


  • comparisons between selected brands,
  • analysis with a division into particular categories,
  • comparison of perceived and actual prices,
  • analysis of benefits stemming from positioning for particular brands based on the differences between perceived and actual prices.
Project results

Based on research outcomes the client could adjust the price strategy and price-related communication strategy to the current market situation – in order to reap full business benefits.


The client also had a chance to analyse the positioning of his own brand as well as competitive brands, which helped him in assessing the place of each brand with respect to prices in the perceived and well as actual aspect.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director